EasyCrop 2.6

Crop and more, without the fuss

To illustrate the power of EasyCrop, consider the following scenario. You wish to crop and scale down a photo to send in an email, and you want the file size to be under 50 KB. With a full-featured graphics application, these are the steps you would take:

  • Launch the app, and watch the app icon bounce and bounce and bounce
  • Navigate clumsy file dialogs to reach the file you wish to open
  • Crop the image and scale the result
  • Export the result to a temporary JPEG file
  • Check file size; if it's too big, back up two steps or try a different JPEG Quality setting
  • Open the folder containing the temporary file in the Finder
  • Drag the file into the email you are composing
  • Finally, delete the temporary file now that you no longer need it

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EasyCrop 2.6